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Ed Peselman, Founder

Ed is a lifelong activist and advocate for social and economic justice. Ed spent the better part of his professional life developing and producing reality shows and branded entertainment. In 2012, inspired by the Occupy Movement and Senator Elizabeth Warren’s senate campaign, he developed the idea for Boycott Engine as a way to engage and empower the “99%” as citizens and consumers. Today, spurred by the unrelenting growth of economic inequality and the greed undermining democracy, he is committed to making Boycott Engine a powerful instrument of social change.


George A. Polisner, Senior Advisor

George has spent the last several years of his career addressing highly-complex conceptual technological and economic challenges for government, large enterprise and society. He remains active and engaged in participatory democracy, participatory budgeting, communication and strategy. He also writes about corporate social behavior and externalities. He has led innovation efforts at Oracle, Dell, HP and for the State of California. His insights and counsel have been instrumental in developing Boycott Engine's strategic relationships and positioning the platform for instant impact and success.


Golda Velez, Team Lead

Golda has worked for Oracle, Factual, Crowdpac and other major enterprises and startups to direct complex projects, programs, and teams. She lends her engineering talents to building our visually compelling, easy-to-use, privacy-protected instrument of social change. As a Senior Software Engineer with deep experience in data, infrastructure and predictive modelling she is helping us harness the power of technology to create a powerful and secure platform capable of affecting change.



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